Jo Dyer is an Australian Contemporary Artist based in Newcastle, NSW. Her work explores existential themes rooted in experiences that are deeply personal yet universal, such as the search for meaning and coming to terms with loss. Ever curious about the human condition (and with many psychologists in her family), Dyer initially pursued studies in psychology at university but eventually dropped the major and enrolled in drawing and painting courses to pursue a more creative and experiential approach to understanding human behaviour. Since graduating Dyer has taken part in a number of solo and group exhibitions and has been involved in various projects and studio spaces through city revitalisation initiative Renew Newcastle. In 2013, two of her works were included in the Newcastle Emerging Art Prize and in August 2018 Dyer will participate in The Other Art Fair in Melbourne.

Dyer continues to refine her approach to producing work that is deliberately emotive, combining expressive layers of colour with gestural line work to render her subjects like portals into their own emotional landscapes. Her marks deploy a sense of momentum and transience, hinting toward our everchanging subjective and collective experiences and how they transform us. Seeing beauty in vulnerability, Dyer aims to illuminate experiences and emotions that are often avoided or denied because they have been stigmatised as “too painful”, believing that acknowledgement is a powerful catalyst for transformation. She sees vulnerability, both as a personal and collective experience, as relevant to all living things, particularly as we awaken to the impact that aspects of our culturally prescribed “everyday life” are having on psychological, social and ecological well being. Her current body of work explores the therapeutic connection between the natural world and bereavement.

Jo’s solo exhibition  G A R D E N  S T A T E  opens at 2pm on Saturday 18th August 2018 at Gallery 139

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